New on RTL this August

July 13, 2021
The Netherlands

RTL Nederland is already looking ahead to the autumn. Below is an overview of the highlights coming this August on RTL channels.

There are familiar titles returning or ones that have been given a new look, as well as new titles appearing on the schedule for the first time.
There will be plenty to enjoy.


Hai Society

From Sunday 1st August, 21.30

In the new RTL4 programme ‘Hai Society’, presenter Jaïr Ferwerda hits the road with wealthy Dutch people abroad. How do they live, how do they work and how do they enjoy their life? Uninhibited and with the necessary humour, Jaïr gives a unique insight into prosperous Dutch enclaves.


Oh Wat Een Jaar!

From Saturday 28th August, 20.00

Oh, what a party! The nostalgic game show Oh What a Year! returns this autumn to RTL 4. Familiar faces, but new games. Team captains Ruben Nicolai and Carlo Boszhard, led by Chantal Janzen, go back in time every week with well-known guests in a game show where surprise, recognition and humour are central.

Bankgiro Mijonairs

From Saturday 28th August, 21.30

Game show in which candidates have a chance of winning 1 million euros every week. To do this, they have to answer fifteen multiple choice questions without mistakes, while only making use of three helplines. The degree of difficulty increases as the amount to be won gets higher.


Expeditie Robinson

From Sunday 29th August, 20.00

Guess Who’s Back? It’s Expeditie Robinson! After being away for a year, the ultimate survival show returns. The 21st season will be recorded at a pristine location in Croatia where the candidates will engage in a fierce battle against each other and the elements. The scenery is different, but the spectacular tests and nerve-racking island councils remain the same. Who will win this physical and mental adventure and call themselves Robinson 2021? The new season of Expeditie Robinson will be available to watch on RTL 4 this autumn.

Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden

From Monday 30th August, 20.00, four days a week

Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden returns after the summer with the climax of the always exciting cliffhanger. In the Dutch soap series we can once again follow the various families from Meerdijk and their troubles four days a week.


Kopen Zonder Kijken

From Monday 30th August, 20.30

Housing programme in which nine couples are trying to find and purchase a new home. The housing market is booming and for many people it is almost impossible to buy a home that is to their liking. In a last-ditch attempt to find a house, the couples give presenter Martijn Krabbé and his team permission to search, buy and renovate a house for them. A house that they only see for the first time after the sales contract has been signed.


From Monday 30th August, 22.00

After the summer, Eva Jinek will take over from Humberto. In her daily talk show Eva Jinek talks about the topic of the day with leading players in current affairs. Journalistic, sharp and entertaining. With subjects from the media, culture, sports and society.


Tour de Frans

From Tuesday 31st August, 20.30

In the new programme ‘Tour de Frans’, folk singer Frans Bauer goes on tour with six artists. Angela Groothuizen, Jan Dulles, Berget Lewis, Jamai Loman, Maradonnie and Danny de Munk will join Frans on the Tour de Frans tour bus and each week they will visit the place where one of the artists grew up. The motley crew shares beautiful stories from the past and reveals which music plays an important role in their lives.  Each day ends with a mini-concert at a very special place where the artists surprise the main character with the most important songs from his or her life.


In Overtreding

From Monday 30th August, 20.30

Reality series in which we follow the daily work of our police who are committed to public order and safety on the streets. We travel along with the inspectors of Qbuzz and get a look behind the scenes of the Animal Protection inspectors, who stand up for the welfare of our animals every day.


5 Days Inside

From Tuesday 31st August, 20.30

Documentary series in which the presenters visit institutions and special places in the Netherlands that you wouldn’t normally enter. By staying there for five days uninterrupted, they find out what it’s like to live and/or work there. The presenters also stay overnight, sometimes even under lock and key for their own safety. During the day, they are followed by a camera crew, in the evening and at night the presenters film themselves. This results in sometimes very gripping scenes. In this series they visit a children’s hospice, an epilepsy centre and an oil rig.


UEFA Champions League

During the summer, the most prestigious football tournament in the world is in full preparation for the start of the group stages in September. And so too is RTL 7. On 21st and 28th July the second preliminary round matches of PSV vs Galatasaray will be shown on RTL 7. In August, the journey towards the group stages continues in the third preliminary round and play-offs. On 11th August, the battle for the UEFA Super Cup between the English Chelsea (Champions League winner) and Spanish Villareal (Europa League winner) is also on the cards.


24 uur van Le Mans

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd August

On Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd August, the RTL 7 weekend will be all about the 89th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The event is one of the most prestigious races in the world and is one of the biggest sporting events in Europe. In 24 hours, the participants race over 5,000 kilometres at top speed. The unpredictability is even greater this year due to new regulations. The race can be followed live for 24 hours via RTL 7 and Videoland.


The Good Doctor

From Monday 2nd August, 20.25 on RTL 8

Dr. Shaun Murphy is back on RTL 8 in the latest season of The Good Doctor. Life at St. Bonaventure Hospital has been turned upside down by many events. For Shaun, tough times are ahead and his autistic disorder regularly gets in the way. From 2nd August, there will be two new episodes of The Good Doctor season 4 every Monday.


Source: RTL Nederland

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