New Program Lineup: TV Now Relies On Fiction

February 26, 2020

02/21/2020, Berlin/Cologne

On Wednesday, TV Now presented its programming plans for 2020 and 2021. The German streaming service fully relies on original fiction productions and presented eleven new series projects in Berlin. Famous actors including Iris Berben, Heiner Lauterbach, Henning Baum, Christoph Maria Herbst and Leonard Lansink were enlisted for the productions.

In January, TV Now, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland’s streaming service, again broke the mark of five million unique users and, according to the company, is the strongest German streaming service in the market. At its programming press conference, TV Now presented its programming plans for 2020 and 2021 on Wednesday in Berlin. The streaming service, in cooperation with RTL and Vox, fully relies on original fiction productions with celebrity casts.

“We strongly believe that streaming is arriving at the heart of our society – and producing content for this target group has been the core competence of Mediengruppe RTL for decades,” said Henning Tewes, Co-Managing Director of TV Now. “We are investing more than a billion euros per year in this local content and, more than any other global provider, in the German market. Soon, we will be investing a larger share of that in German fiction – and we all really feel driven to do that!”

Currently, eleven series for TV Now are planned, among others: UFA Fiction is part of the TV Now series offensive with three projects in the works. The event series “Der König von Palma” is inspired by the true story of a family from Dortmund who experience the skyrocketing success of their small beer garden on Majorca. The event series “Disko Bochum” is about a family from Bochum in the 1970s and explores the emergence of the disco movement. The crime series “Die Zeugen” deals with witness testimonies around the kidnapping of a child and questions whether we can trust our memories. With Constantin Film, TV Now is working on the crime drama “Glauben” and planning the event series “Wolfsburg” (working title), which tells the story of a development engineer of a large German automotive group and the later “Dieselgate” exhaust scandal.


The dramedy series “Tonis Welt” is produced by Bantry Bay and continues telling the story of the couple Toni and Valerie from the successful Vox series “Club der roten Bänder”. X Filme is also working on “Torstraße 1” (working title), an event series about the story of a big love affair full of fateful events starting in the late 1920s’ Berlin. Letterbox Filmproduktion is producing “Herzogpark” for TV Now – a dramedy series that focuses on Munich’s upper class Herzogpark district. Two comedy series will also be part of the TV Now fiction offensive: “Tilo Neumann und das Universum” (Network Movie) about the teacher Tilo Neumann, who is learning for life with cosmic-comical assistance. In “Mirella Schulze rettet die Welt”, climate change suddenly enters into the life of a family that had never before cared the least for the issue. Keshet Tresor Fiction will shortly start filming “Unter Freunden stirbt man nicht”, a story about four friends who have to keep the death of another friend a secret for several days in order for him to win a Nobel Prize. (Source BENET)

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