New Season of Temptation Island

February 10, 2020

02/05/2020, The Netherlands, RTL Nederland

RTL Nederland has announced that the new season of Temptation Island will start on RTL 5 on 26 February 2020.

At the end of last year RTL Nederland announced the suspension of the already recorded season of Temptation Island during an investigation into the format De Villa. In parallel to this, RTL Nederland and Warner Bros discussed the realisation of the new season of “Temptation Island” and contacted all participants about their experiences during the production process. Based on these conversations, RTL Nederland decided to broadcast the new season from Wednesday 26 February.

Peter van der Vorst, Director of Content at RTL Nederland, says: “At the end of this month we will be able to tell more about the conclusions of the investigation and the next steps into De Villa. A number of measures have already been taken on the internal processes on RTL’s side, including a more carefully monitored process between editing and broadcasting.” 

Van der Vorst continues: “Over the past few months, Warner Bros and RTL Nederland have spoken to all Temptation participants. Their feedback gives us the confidence to start the new series at the end of February. Temptation will of course remain a relationship test, but always in a safe environment with respect for all involved. The safety of the participants and the care that a producer provides before, during and after is of the utmost importance. The genre is still loved by a large audience and as far as we’re concerned it has a future.”

Temptation Island on Videoland

In addition to broadcasting “Temptation Island” on RTL 5 (Wednesdays evening at 20:30), the production company Zodiak Nederland, which previously made “Temptation VIPS” for Videoland, will begin calling for participants for a new exclusive Videoland version of “Temptation Island”. RTL will announce more about this later.

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