Our new visual identity

January 21, 2021

With the coming of a new year, we are proud to present our new visual identity that will be seen through a variety of mediums. From newsletters and social media accounts to presentations and videos, we have transformed every facet of our identity. By updating our graphic identity, we are aiming to better reflect the DNA of our brand, highlight the richness of our media offer and underline the creativity and modernity that is indicative of the landscape.

RTL AdConnect

RTL AdConnect is the international Total Video sales house of RTL Group and beyond. It provides international advertisers a simplified access to a global premium and brand-safe total video inventory ensuring that the right media decisions are made for pan-European campaigns.

Thanks to its media partners from RTL Group and beyond, RTL AdConnect reaches around 160 million potential consumers in Europe every day through 150 TV channels, 300 digital platforms and 40 radio stations in 12 countries.

Colour palette

The visual identity revolves around the distinctive part of our logo, the slash, which has filtered down through every element, such as the exclamation mark and our sub-brands (including our flagship study TV Key Facts and VMP Connect).

The slash has also been made more mobile through the increased use of animated communication tools; it has been animated to make a rotating spectrum consisting of different colours.

This variety of colours has been chosen, as part of the updated colour code, to reflect the diversity of medias that make up our Total Video portfolio.


In addition to the strictly visual identity, our corporate wording has been updated.

To create a strong brand image, the coherence of our slogans is vital. The word “more” is what forms the most crucial part of this as it gives the impression that the sky is the limit and that opportunities are endless with RTL AdConnect.

This is reinforced by the removal of the full stop after the “more” and is replaced by the less definitive “…”. Various verbs of action have also been chosen to precede the word “more” to reflect the dynamism of the company. These vary from colloquial verbs to formal ones so that the slogan may be appropriate in any environment.

We would like to thank the broadcast design company Gédéon, the best European agency of the year, who has previously worked with our media partner M6 Group, for their tireless work in creating this new visual identity. Their creativity and drive for excellency have propelled them to the forefront of the creative market and we look forward to working together in the future.

“We are very proud and glad to have worked with Gédéon on this project. We’re very fond of their work and they’ve totally understood who we were, and how to best express our DNA and brand personality in colours, shapes and words”

© Carine Jean-Jean, Communications Director, RTL AdConnect

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