Our Top 10 Christmas adverts of the year

December 17, 2020

Christmas is a period every year that brands and agencies mark down as their time to stand out with a creative, feelgood advert. It has become somewhat of a tradition over the years and many brands are renowned for their Christmas offerings that often move great swathes of the population. We’ve compiled our favourite 2020 Christmas adverts from across Europe. Brands are dealing with a different landscape this year; in an unprecedented year, Christmas ads had to change their tone to one of empathy and to highlight the importance of human connection, family and storytelling. Despite this challenge and tight budgets, many advertisers have returned to screens and we have seen an exceptional quality of content from across the sectors. Enjoy watching these and Merry Christmas to you all!


Heart-Warming Adverts

John Lewis & Partners – UK

The John Lewis & Partners’ Christmas advert is always the most highly anticipated one of the year. This year, they have spread a feelgood message about the importance of care for those dear to you who may be suffering throughout the pandemic. This care extends to the production of the advert itself. The role was given to many creatives who have all struggled for work during the crisis. This share of work reflects the advert’s message, which is to share joy and happiness with all this Christmas.

Coca-Cola – Global

Coca-Cola, renowned for their Christmas truck, has brought us another powerful advert, underlining the power of persistence and resilience. The spot recounts a father’s commitment to get to the North Pole to deliver his daughter’s letter, only to find all she wants is for him to return home safely. The importance of family resonates throughout this heart-felt advert and leaves the viewer appreciating the little things this Christmas.

Disney – Global

Disney’s 2020 Christmas advert uses its most powerful symbol, Mickey Mouse, to show how Disney can connect different generations. The ad portrays the handing down of a Mickey Mouse doll through various generations and the memories it evokes, particularly for the grandmother. This connection reminds the viewer of the magic of making memories together.


Amazon – Global

Amazon’s offering underlined the resilience and strength that the population showed throughout various national lockdowns. It recounts the story of a ballerina who landed her dream part, only for it to be cancelled by the pandemic. Yet, this did not stop her determination or that of her neighbour to let the show go on. She performs outside anyway, lit by a torch, bought off Amazon.

Entertaining Adverts

Lego – Global

Lego’s humour-filled Christmas advert plays on the lyrics of the Louis Armstrong song, What a Wonderful World. Their bending of the lyrics represents an escape from an anxiety-ridden reality and celebrates the joy and creativity of children.

Argos – UK

The British retail company highlights the power of home entertainment in their latest Christmas advert, when large scale productions are still restricted. The fact that a living room turns into a lofty theatre at the click of 2 sisters’ fingers shows the power of Argos’ catalogue, whilst providing consumers with renewed optimism for their Christmas plans.

TK Maxx – UK

This short advert from TK Maxx still makes a large impression in a competitive marketplace. A goat dressed in human clothes transmits the idea that everyone deserves to feel special this year. The humour-filled, 30 second spot also distracts the viewers from everyday reality.

Aldi – Germany

Featuring elements of the Home Alone soundtrack and a reference to E.T, Aldi’s Christmas offering portrays the journey of a carrot back to his family for Christmas. The support he receives along the way from a hedgehog and Father Christmas highlights the communal solidarity over the festive period and his determination to be with his family for Christmas sends an uplifting message to all those looking to be in the company of those near and dear this Christmas.

Artistic Adverts

Burberry – UK

Burberry hasn’t decided to go down the route of a traditional Christmas advert; instead they have celebrated the notions of union and creativity throughout the pandemic by portraying a group of individuals dancing down the street to the tune of Singin’ in the Rain, whilst large blocks of ice fall from the sky. Dressed in the latest Burberry collection, the ad seems to show how we, as a population, can overcome seemingly difficult obstacles.

Carrefour – France

Carrefour’s effort sees the recital of a young girl’s Christmas letter to Father Christmas. At the end of the ad, it is a Carrefour delivery driver who sees the letter first, showing he, as well as Father Christmas, also has an important role in making everyone’s Christmas special; it is also a slight homage to the tireless work of all the key workers who have supported us throughout the pandemic. The enchanting music from the film, “La La Land”, adds to the excitement of the build-up to Christmas. The spot is available in multiple countries and in 60, 40 and 15 second slots.



Despite this most unprecedented year, it has been vital for brands to stay on air and continue to deliver their messages despite vast disruption to content production. The festive season is no exception. This year’s Christmas adverts have been a triumph in creativity as they have managed to address their audiences suitably, with empathy and solidarity.

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