Platforms especially for kids by Pete Robinson

December 18, 2020

2020 was always set to be an important year in the children’s TV landscape with launches aimed at kids from Disney, NBC and HBO. However, the pandemic and various lockdowns gave TV a pivotal role in everyday life. As part of the TV Key Facts Study, Pete Robinson explores what content kids were watching, where and if it’s going to continue.

In May 2020, the consumption of children’s TV rose 48% year-on-year[1], mainly due to parents’ reliance on the medium for distraction as they juggled home-working and childcare. The type of content consumed can be categorised into three parts: content made for kids (e.g. Peppa Pig), content made for all (e.g. Stranger Things) or content made for families (e.g. X-Factor). The latter 2 are dominated by the 11+ category whilst the former is mainly for those in primary school.

These traditional programmes aren’t the only players in the market. YouTube and the App Store increased the popularity of the Angry Birds show exponentially.

SVOD platforms play host to most of these shows and are primarily where they are consumed. Netflix is still the most popular but Disney + is gaining popularity in the children’s market. 15% of Disney + users, many of whom are young families, say that it is their favourite too[2]. Disney + is likely to continue increasing its market share.

The rise in children’s TV consumption is not solely linked to the pandemic, the arrival of more dedicated children’s sites pre-pandemic indicate that it is likely to be a lasting trend.

If you’d like to read more, discover the full article on the TV Key Facts website.


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2)TV Key Facts Magazine, Platforms especially for kids, Pete Robinson

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