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Raise the bar to succeed

Three million young people in France today are neither studying, working or training. Could some military experience help them? The new programme of M6 Le sens de l’effort attempts to answer the question.
These young men and women aren’t delinquents, they’re young people who’ve left the education system and employment and spend their days doing nothing. Their parents are desperate because their children have given up and lost all motivation.
A former military man, Marius, an ex-navy commando instructor, is convinced that military values can save these dropouts. That’s why he developed a course to give them some help. 22 young people aged between 18 and 24 have agreed to do training based on military values. For their parents, the programme Le sens de l’effort on M6 is the last chance to see their children take charge of their own lives. Self-confidence, solidarity and raising the bar: using exercises inspired by army exercises, Marius will try to give them back the desire to put in the work. Alongside their course, the young people are supported by job advisor Claire Lacour and a training organisation to help them set a professional goal. Anyone completing the course will be offered training in the career of their choice so that, maybe, they can start a new life.

A military expert and a guidance counsellor to support and assist the participants

Marius is currently security manager at a French port. With a career spanning 26 years and a number of missions all over the world, he became an iconic figure in the navy commandos, and a role model for many young people looking to make a commitment.
The qualities that he would like to transmit to the young participants are confidence, honesty, openness, passion, making a contribution, working together, determination and will.

Marius and Claire
“It can give them back motivation and confidence, as it shows that you can take charge of your own life through pure will and courage. You have to believe in yourself and tell yourself that you are ‘capable of’, adopting a philosophy of hard work and aiming at getting past and not giving in to the obstacles we encounter throughout adult life,” says Marius of the benefits that the experience can bring to young people who have dropped out.
A guidance counsellor by profession, Claire Lacour has spent her whole professional career in companies specialising in employment and training, and more generally employability issues. Her work has always been about matching the person to the job.
Anyone completing the course will have access to training. She explains: “The appropriate training they are offered will allow them to study online at their own pace. (…) For us, the important thing is to encourage the desire to take charge of your life. Training is the means and not the end.”
The programme Le sens de l’effort goes out on M6 on Tuesday 19 February.