Powered by RTL Group | March 2018

RTL AdConnect opens its first U.S. office in New York

RTL AdConnect – RTL Group’s “Total Video” advertising sales house – opens its first U.S office in New York this week.

The move is part of an ambition to open up the complex European market for US brands – and offer a premium global environment for advertising in an era where brand safety and integrity is in the spotlight more than ever.
The office in New York’s prestigious 5th Avenue will serve as the U.S. headquarters and is shared with RTL Group Partners SpotX and StyleHaul.

Reaching millions of consumers around the world every day, RTL AdConnect offers premium media solutions for high-quality content across a huge brand portfolio of multi-media partners – including more than 100 TV channels, 300 digital platforms and 30 radio stations in 12 countries.

RTL AdConnect is also introducing its Video Marketplace to U.S. customers. It is the first programmatic platform to give U.S. advertisers access to Europe in a one-stop-shop solution, also available via managed services.
As there has never been more opportunity, and more risk, for advertisers in today’s digital ecosystem, RTL AdConnect provides a simplified, global solution for brands looking for more transparency on monetization and measurement – in addition to helping create more reliable brand safety for advertisers online.

Stephane Coruble, Managing Director of RTL/AdConnect said of the launch: “The U.S. is the biggest advertising market in the world – and at this time, brand safety has never been more important. We are helping our clients to develop their visibility and reach in Europe but more than that, ensuring and protecting their brand integrity, and creating premium environments for them to advertise in.”

“We are also able to compare the state of the European media to the US market and provide insights that inform and influence regional decision making for clients from the U.S looking to develop and grow their brand in Europe.”

Douglas Cajas, Senior Director of Media (New York): “This launch will allow us to offer an even more personalized service to U.S advertisers and their agencies doing business in Europe. We will serve as a gateway to help brands navigate and understand the complexities of local European markets, as well as provide regional market insights, multi-media opportunities and powerful media solutions.”