RTL and UFA Serial Drama Celebrate 25 Years ‘Unter Uns’

November 26, 2019

Cologne, 11/25/2019

This week, the UFA Serial Drama production “Unter uns” is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The wedding of “Ringsy”, aka Easy and Ringo, will be the week’s highlight. UFA Serial Drama produces the series commissioned by RTL.

Big emotions and a reunion with well-known faces: this week, the UFA Serial Drama produced TV series “Unter uns” is celebrating its 25th anniversary at RTL. The daily soap has been broadcast on weekdays at 5:30 p.m. on RTL for 25 years. Since the beginning, “Unter uns” has been set in Cologne and tells stories about the lives of the residents of the house on Schillerallee 10.

“Over the past decades, ‘Unter uns’ has become an important program brand of UFA Serial Drama, and we’re incredibly proud of it. The second-oldest running daily soap, broadcast as a mainstay, told in the middle of the day and from the middle of life,” said Joachim Kosack, Managing Director UFA and UFA Serial Drama. Jörg Graf, Managing Director RTL, said: “The first take was filmed on October 10, 1994. We’re so proud to be able to look back on so many successful years of our second daily soap. While others had to give up, we’re still far from the end.” Guido Reinhard, Producer of “Unter uns” at UFA Serial Drama, added: “I am proud of what we have been able to achieve over the many years, that we always remain innovative and deal with socially relevant issues that polarize, stimulate thought and, at the same time, entertain.” 

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