RTL comes top for reach and trust across much of Europe

July 1, 2021

According to a recent study carried out by Reuters Institute, RTL is a media brand that not only has high reach in several European markets but is also among the most trusted by the public.

Within the study, in Hungary, for example, RTL Klub is cited as the second most trusted news source and has the largest offline reach in the country. And this is not just the case in Hungary.

RTL News has the largest online reach in French-speaking Belgium, with 39% of those surveyed visiting the site at least once a week. RTL also has a great offline presence, with 47% weekly use, the second-highest reach in this part of Belgium, and Bel RTL taking fifth place (21%). In terms of trust, RTL News ranks fourth place and Bel RTL at eighth.

The outlook is even better in Croatia, where RTL News is the leading media brand in terms of reach and is the second most trusted news source.

In France, M6 News ranks fourth in overall reach and in Germany, RTL Aktuell and NTV have the fourth and fifth largest offline reach respectively. NTV scores highly in terms of trust with 63% of respondents citing that they trust the news source.

Despite having the fifth largest reach in the Netherlands, RTL News is considered a very trustworthy news source, with 74% of those surveyed saying they trust it.

Source: RTL Group

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