RTL Group and Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland cooperate on corporate responsibility

February 17, 2021

In an era that is dominated by fake news, climate change and debates on racism, it is unsurprising that corporate responsibility has taken on a heightened importance. With this in mind, RTL Group and Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland have pooled their expertise in the corporate responsibility landscape together by founding the ‘RTL CR Board’ and the ‘Climate Task Force’. The aim of both initiatives is to benefit from various perspectives on these topics and implement projects more quickly and efficiently.

The CR Board is made up of executives from both entities, including Julia Reuter, Managing Director Strategy, Human Resources and Culture of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland; Oliver Fahlbusch, Executive Vice President Communications & Investor Relations of RTL Group; Anja Reichert, Head of Corporate Responsibility & Diversity Coordination of RTL Group; and Marie-Fee Taube, Director Sustainability of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland. They meet monthly to exchange ideas on how to cooperate on operational work for corporate responsibility topics across the Group, such as diversity, climate protection, editorial independence and youth protection. The collaboration between the two group’s sat on the board has been simplified by the recent opening of RTL Group’s Corporate Centre in Cologne, which is where Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland’s headquarters are.

An annual international exchange between relevant CR managers across the RTL CR Network has also been set up so that Group-wide projects may be coordinated more efficiently.

Moreover, RTL Group is addressing environmental issues across the Group’s portfolio by launching its ‘Climate Task Force’, the Group-wide working group that will exchange views on specific environmental targets. The aim is to reduce CO2 emissions to such an extent that the Group is climate-neutral by 2030, which is also in line with Bertelsmann’s targets. The Force’s first meeting revealed the ways to measure carbon footprint and the Bertelsmann-wide offsetting projects.

“We will be pooling our resources, benefiting from the many different perspectives and aiming to implement our CR projects more quickly ad efficiently. ”

© Oliver Fahlbusch, Executive Vice President Communications & Investor Relations of RTL Group

This year, RTL Group is once again a member of the “FTSE4Good Index Series”, a market-leading sustainability tool for investors. Since its establishment in 2001, it has rated companies on environmental, social, and governance criteria (ESG rating).

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