October 2019

RTL Nederland sets its sights on a new central video sales network for the Dutch market

On Tuesday 29 October 2019, RTL Nederland announces its ambition to integrate its own sales activities and those of BrandDeli, Adfactor and Triade Media in a new integrated video sales network named Ad Alliance. In order to continue playing a prominent role in the Dutch advertising market, in recent years RTL Nederland made significant investments in strengthening and broadening its sales portfolio. The establishment of Ad Alliance is a response to customers’ needs for three things: a better service, innovation in the domains of ad tech, targeting and data, and customised (reach-related) solutions for TV, social media and online offered via a single point of contact. At the same time, it is a local response to competition from major players in the tech sector and open for new partners.



The new organisation has been designed to be agile, making it an optimal conduit for creativity and innovation to the benefit of our various customers, i.e. advertisers, media agencies and affiliated partners, such as Discovery, Disney, DPG Media, Viacom and Ziggo. It will focus on five areas of expertise:

  • Sales → providing a single primary point of contact for both advertisers and media agencies
  • Creativity → producing appropriate creative concepts for every customer request
  • Marketing, Intelligence & Operations → centralising all research findings and data-driven knowledge
  • Partnership Management & Innovation → making sales innovation scalable together with partners by managing it centrally
  • Product → focusing specifically on product development to provide optimal, tailor-made customer service


Ton Rozestraten explains

Talking about the intended step, RTL Nederland Chief Sales Officer, Ton Rozestraten, says: “We have high ambitions. We’re intent on being the most customer-focused video sales network in the Netherlands. To guarantee such a service level for our customers, among other things we took their request to have a single point of contact as our starting point for defining the new organisation’s structure. At the same time, we focused on ensuring that our team’s expertise and creativity can be leveraged more efficiently and effectively. We want to offer customers tailor-made solutions with existing and innovative products, making their brands’ connection with TV viewers, followers on social media and online readers stronger than ever.”

Rozestraten continues: “Both the arrival of major international players and market consolidation are exerting tremendous pressure on locally active players. By working together, we can set ourselves apart on the Dutch market, offering big, high-quality reach. The step we’re taking now in bringing together all our sales activities under a single banner is also a direct invitation to other market operators to join our alliance.”


Staff-related consequences

As a result of this step, a very limited number of jobs will be lost. The proposed changes concerning RTL Nederland have been submitted to the works council of RTL Nederland. Ad Alliance will start operating in Hilversum on 1 January 2020.