Powered by RTL Group | October 2017

In search of a new star!

Nouvelle Star 2017 is back in the limelight, featuring a new jury, a new concept and a totally redesigned show. The iconic talent competition returns to M6 on 1 November 2017 at 21:00.

While M6 and FremantleMedia France have kept all the fundamentals that have made the show such a success all these years, this season will see many innovations, new items and surprises.

A brand new jury!

There will be a new jury, composed of Cœur de Pirate, Benjamin Biolay, Dany Synthé and Nathalie Noennec. These famous French artists and professionals will be more involved than ever with the contestants.

The jury also  now has a Starpass they can use to fast-track their special favourite competitor from the final 15 contestants. But no more than five contestants can get a Starpass, and all members of the jury have to agree on who gets the special pass.

The queues have been replaced by a new audition system: a pre-audition in which hopefuls send in a video to show off their musical talent. Some 17,000 applications were received, of which only 300 were selected. This demanding selection procedure, and the option for contestants to be supported by a musician and studio sound from the audition stage onward, will mean viewers can enjoy incredible vocal performances and studio sets right from the first broadcasts!

New events will spice up the much-feared Theatre round, which will be held for the first time in an incredible concert hall: the Élysée Montmartre.

From the auditions to the grand final, the redesigned Nouvelle Star (Idols) is back, bringing you incredible music, surprises and emotional impact!