Powered by RTL Group | March 2018

“We love series!”

Having already designated Tuesday evenings as a new series night, RTL Television is moving on to the next phase of its fiction offensive! All the current series produced by the channel are being given another season.

These include Sankt Maik (Saint Maik), Beck is back! and Der Lehrer (The Teacher) as well as the sitcoms Magda macht das schon! (Magda Will Take Care of It) and Beste Schwestern (Best Sisters). Shooting on all these formats is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2018.

Channels and programme makers are continuing to rely on self-produced programmes to keep scoring points with viewers for offering distinctive, exclusive content.

Frank Hoffmann, Managing Director Programming at RTL Television, says: “Onwards and upwards! We’re giving the green light for another season of all five of our current series. Because even our most recently launched programmes have gone down a treat with our viewers. So now we need to focus on making them even better known and more firmly established. By making 50 new episodes of our series in all, we will continue expanding our already high proportion of almost 80 per cent of in-house productions aired at peak viewing times.”

Philipp Steffens, Head of Fiction at RTL Television, adds: “We’re not sprinters, we’re long-distance runners, in this for the long term. So our aim is to ensure that viewers can depend on us to offer them a reliable range of entertaining and relevant evening programmes. We want to give them time to learn to love our characters. I’d like to thank the great teams that started working with us in January, and I’m delighted to see all five formats passing this first milestone!”

Frank Hoffmann and Philipp Steffens © Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland / Boris Breuer

Consequently, shooting star Daniel Donskoy will again don his cassock to play the reluctant priest in the 10 fresh episodes of the second series of Sankt Maik. Likewise, there will be another season of Beck is back! featuring public defence lawyer Hannes Beck (Bert Tischendorf) and his Croatian cleaning lady Jasmina (Andreja Schneider). The production of 10 new episodes will start later this year.

Hit series The Teacher, starring Hendrik Duryn and Jessica Ginkel, will enter its seventh season, comprising 10 new episodes. Meanwhile, in new episodes made for the third season of the sitcom Magda Will Take Care of It, Verena Altenberger will continue in the title role as a Polish geriatric nurse looking after grandmother Waltraud. And in the second season of Best Sisters, Mirja Boes and Sina Tkotsch will cause no end of stress for their family whilst exhibiting their own particular brand of sisterly love.