[Postponed] Speaking at Advertising Week Europe

March 4, 2020

March 2020

Meet us at Advertising Week Europe on September 14-17, held at Picturehouse Central.

By day, #AWEurope will feature unique media, marketing, technology and creative sessions discussing key business trends and issues that shape today’s global industry. By night, it will play host to networking events and world-class entertainment, making this event a one-of-a-kind experience. Advertising Week crosses the globe with events in New York, London, Tokyo, Mexico City, Sydney and Johannesburg.

RTL AdConnect is also proud to be official partner of the Advertising Week.

// Agenda // (TBD)

Tuesday 17 March, 10 AM
Insight Drivers Stage 4

SEMINAR: Doing it yourself: is in-housing right for you?


  • Toby Jenner, Global CEO, Wavemaker
  • James Seckel, Director of Media EMEA & APAC, Expedia Group
  • Nicola Kemp, Managing Director, BITE, Creative Brief
  • Catherine Becker, Head of Media – EU, Electronic Arts
  • Stéphane Coruble, CEO, RTL AdConnect
Increased transparency, improved efficiency, greater control. Is in-housing all it’s cracked up to be?
The buzz around in-housing has been growing for a while but what gave birth to it in the first place and what does it mean in practice? Should you be following suit?
In this discussion learn more about what in-housing is; discover the experiences of brands with vast experience in the digital media buying space; hear the perspective of media owners; and get some thought-provoking ideas and information to help you decide if your brand should or should not take the leap – or if you should consider a hybrid solution.

Key Takeaways

  • Why in-housing digital media buying is a growing trend for advertisers
  • Who is in-housing for and who is it not for?
  • What other solutions are there to doing everything yourself?
  • What role is there for media agencies in the great in-housing shift?

Wednesday 18 March, 10.40 AM
Workshop Stage 7

WORKSHOP: Facts forward

Speaker: Daniel Bischoff, CMOO, RTL AdConnect

Empowerment is the key word for the new decade. With an unprecedented choice of media platforms and content, has there been a more prescient time for brands to engage with consumers through media? Through global trends and data, RTL AdConnect will help advertisers to identify the best media touchpoints to engage with consumers at scale.

In this session backed by 25 years of data covering 39 countries worldwide, we look at the reality of media consumption, technological platforms and drivers and finally the responsibilities brands have to demonstrate in 2020 to resonate with consumers’ expectations.

You’ll get global and local insights on media consumption, content, innovation and creativity – for a 360° view of the media and advertising landscape.

We hope you find it enlightening – be prepared to conquer some of your own (biased) beliefs.

Key Takeaways

  • Decrypting media consumption and local discrepancies across different regions of the world.
  • Clear and actionable insights into how to approach your audiences wherever they are, according to their target group and market specificities.
  • Discover how alliances and collaborations will shape tomorrow’s media and advertising world.
  • The latest research to understand the uplift effect of brand safety and quality content.
  • Real facts & figures about video consumption and advertising spends worldwide.

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