April 2019

Speaking at the Connected TV Summit

March 2019

Join us at the Connected TV Summit in London on Wednesday 27 March. RTL AdConnect will be part of a panel around innovations that can safeguard TV advertising budgets. 

The Connected TV Summit, held at the Royal College go Physicians in London, is the leading thought leadership event for the Future of TV, exploring via its multiple panel and seminar sessions the opportunities for established and disruptor media companies in a marketplace that is still in flux. Looking at the content, business, marketing and technology strategies that could drive increased market share and profit, this event seeks out ambition and growth everywhere it can be found.

//Date & Time//

Wednesday 27 March at 11.30 am

Royal College of Physicians,
11 St Andrews Place, Regent’s Park,
London, NW1 4LE

Stage: Seligman Theatre


  • Daniel Bischoff, CMOO at RTL AdConnect
  • Mike Shaw, VP EMEA at dataxu
  • Gert Marien, Innovation Manager – TV, Adverts and Digital Media at Proximus
  • Blair Robertson, Chief Technology Officer at TVSquared
  • Harry Harcus, Managing Director at Finecast

//Key Takeaways//

Panel: Exploring the innovations that can safeguard TV advertising budgets

  • The new generation of ‘Total TV’ audience measurement systems will count multiscreen viewing and prove incremental audience reach – what impact for buyer confidence and investments?
  • Is audience-based buying – where you look beyond demographics to target audience segments based on behaviour, need-state, attitude and lifestyle – a game-changer for classic linear TV?
  • Can we create additional, non-interruptive inventory that is acceptable to consumers: ads that display during ‘pause’, side-bar overlays during channel tune-in, companion screen experiences…
  • What technologies will show the impact TV advertising has on consumer behaviour, from website visits to store purchases, and how do we accurately attribute the ‘lift’ in activity?
  • There are multiple initiatives to make data-driven buying of broadcast TV easier, including Sky/Virgin addressable, OpenAP and Australia’s VOZ: do we need collaboration to capture budget?
  • What are the priority technologies and processes to help marketers plan and manage campaigns across any TV screen, and maximise the combined impact of TV plus digital?
  • Digital advertising can target light TV viewers, helping to ‘top-up’ a TV campaign –could addressable TV take over this function and so keep budget in the TV ecosystem?

More information on the Connected TV Summit website