Super RTL triumphs at the Golden Sparrows

September 29, 2020

Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland

Last Friday, Super RTL, a German children’s channel and part of RTL Group, was honoured with two of the coveted “Goldener Spatz” (Golden Sparrow) awards at the 28th edition of the annual ceremony. The programme “Woozle Goozle” won in the entertainment category, while “Mighty Mops” triumphed in the “Series/Live action series” section. Both awards were decided by a jury comprised of 25 children.

The assembled jury were especially taken by the Christmas Special of “Wozzle Gozzle”, “Stille Nacht Woozlige Nacht” (Silent Night, Woozy Night), because of its wit and charm. This award is the second Golden Sparrow for the show’s editorial team, Nils Neumann and Marika Rother, who previously won one back in 2016.

The “Mighty Mops” episode, “Wau Wau Land”, won its Golden Sparrow for its creativity in letting dogs dance on screen. The editors of the French-Canadian-German Production, Lisa Albers and Kira Schneider, claimed the prize.

(Source: BENET)

© Goldener Spatz

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