Powered by RTL Group | January 2020

Taking Reading Beyond Words

01/24/2020, Israel, Inception

LG Uplus has launched an Augmented Reality Kids library service in South Korea in partnership with Inception XR.

As the leader of 5G services, LG Uplus brings this edutainment augmented reality (AR) platform to the market for users to begin exploring new content made possible with the higher bandwidth network. Working with extended reality content network Inception XR, Uplus has launched a mobile app for children to read books in AR. In an era where screen time is on the rise from a very young age, the reading app allows kids to have productive screen time.

This AR library has books from timeless classics like Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit and DK Children’s Encyclopaedia to modern-day icons such as My Little Pony and Transformers. To create the ultimate content experience, the app provides an entire suite of comprehensive reading features. The book player takes reading beyond text by providing stunning animations with sound which can be viewed in 3D or AR mode. It also provides narration with highlighted subtitles and a built-in English-Korean dictionary for English learners.

Each book comes with a range of activities to allow children to interact with their favourite characters through games that involve creativity, memory and spelling to improve English literacy. This is combined with some entertaining games, and the activities result in accumulated achievements which motivate children to continue reading more. With Inceptions XR’s innovative creativity and technical solution, the app itself provides valuable educational tool.

Having concluded a successful beta phase, the app is available to LG Uplus 5G & LTE mobile subscribers in South Korea and there are plans to leverage and include more immersive and exhilarating features in the near future.  In addition, LG Uplus and Inception XR plan to collaborate to provide services and 5G experience to overseas carriers and operators who are preparing for 5G.


About LG Uplus
LG Uplus was established on 11 July 1996 and has been transforming the lives of customers since. It strives to develop telecommunications services, hi-speed internet, VoIP and IPTV services as well as other data services. It is the first in the world to establish a nationwide LTE network with super high-speed services of the highest quality. Continuing into the era of 5G and IoT, LG Uplus continues to create higher standards of service and make our customers happy.

About Inception XR
Inception XR is a leading next-generation immersive (VR/AR) content network, combining unique proprietary technology, a best-in-class creative studio, and a cross-platform destination app. Inception has received a strategic investment from RTL Group and is the VR/AR arm of the group.

Bookful is Inception’s leading product, an augmented reality app that provides cutting-edge AR experiences for a wide range of children’s books, from Peter Rabbit to a children’s encyclopaedia. It is available in the iOS and Android stores and is usable on any device with AR capabilities. By making reading more interactive and fun, Bookful makes children more passionate about reading and deepens their understanding of a book’s content.