TV Key Facts explores the impact of the pandemic on TV and the outlook for the future

April 20, 2021

Just when we were told that television was finished, the pandemic came and tore up the rule book. TV viewing increased across Europe and became a source of comfort, escape and vital information.

Three contributors for TV Key Facts discuss the power of TV over the last year and how it has shown what it is capable of withstanding and its adaptability in order to survive whatever comes next. The summaries of the articles can be found below:

TV brought the world to us when we weren’t allowed into the world by Stéphane Coruble, CEO RTL AdConnect (6 minutes)

RTL AdConnect’s 2020 edition of TV Key Facts shows how television has faced serious challenges posed by the crisis, yet due to its ability to improvise and adapt, and despite a competition from digital giants, the outlook for the future remains bright.

Stéphane Coruble speaks of the hope that he gained from watching the market bounce back and adapt to continue to fulfil its most important and longstanding role: bringing people together.

Read the full article here.

© M6

© Thinkbox

How TV brought us together during lockdown by Nicole Greenfield-Smith, Thinkbox (5 minutes)

TV has remained a constant in a year of immense change. It served not only as an emotional support, but helping everything from childcare to socializing amongst friends.

Thinkbox conducted a study on the lockdown TV habits of three categories: workers at home, working parents with kids and those unable to work because of the pandemic. Above all else, it found that TV brought people together and was cited as one of the more positive takeaways from the pandemic.

Read the full article here.

Television is the last of the institutions by Stéphane Hugon, Eranos (8 minutes)

TV’s ongoing survival lies in its unifying power as well as its comforting and familiar embrace. In 2020, despite being a time fraught with incertitude and mistrust, people began to move from the divisiveness of the web to more familiar television.

Stéphane Hugon foresees that, with the competition from VOD, there will need to be more variation in content between broadcasters, but that the unity and constancy that TV brings will still be important.

Read the full interview here.

Digital tells society what it wants to hear, not ruffling the feathers of a society of comfort. All of which ought to have wiped out television, which brings people together, synchronized in front of the same picture, but the latter has resisted…

© Stéphane Hugon, CEO & Co-Founder, Eranos

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