TV Now gives young talents a chance

October 29, 2020

Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland’s steaming service, TV Now, is launching its “Storytellers” initiative, which gives young German film students the chance to write and submit TV series that could feature on TV Now.

Starting this winter, students from HFF Munich, Film University Babelsberg, KHM Cologne, IFS Cologne, Hamburg Media School, DFFB and Film Academy Baden-Württemberg will fiercely compete to get their creation produced as a TV Now original. As well as a launchpad into the TV industry, there is a production budget of €700,000 up for grabs, allowing the students to bring their most extravagant ideas to life.

This initiative comes after the group announced their major fiction offensive in February for 2020-2021 where 11 new productions were announced, several exclusively for TV Now.

“TV Now aims to be a creative playground for all talents. “

© Henning Tewes, Co-Managing Director of TV Now

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