Videoland introduces new subscription packages

July 22, 2020

Hilversum, 22/07/20

RTL Nederland’s streaming service, Videoland, is offering three new subscription packages to its users: Basic, Plus and Premium. These new packages give consumers greater choice and control over their subscription and advertisers enhanced offers for promoting their products.

Although all the packages provide access to the same content; their differences are more subtle. The presence of advertising, the number of screens that content can be viewed on simultaneously and the ability to download content all vary depending on the package bought.

As such, consumers can indicate that they are willing to receive commercial communications if they are in search of a better price. This flexibility to the consumer’s need allows advertisers to target their ads more effectively.

“The new Videoland subscriptions offer more freedom of choice for our viewers and enrich our premium video propositions. “

© Anna-Maria Vujinovic, Sales Director at Ad Alliance

Despite these vast changes, existing customers will continue to experience the benefits of the premium package unless they want to change; however, new subscriptions will be rolled out in phases. The same can be said for advertisers. RTL Nederland is originally limiting itself to fixed partners but has plans to expand its offerings later in the year.

(Source: Benet)

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