What are advertisers’ biggest challenges by Stephan Loerke?

December 11, 2020

Stephan Loerke, CEO of the WFA, highlighted the initiatives that the WFA have taken up this year and what he expects the biggest challenges to be in the future as part of the TV Key Facts Study.

The pandemic highly disrupted the advertising market. In the short term, advertisers were desperate for more visibility and some assurance; the WFA moved its services online to help advertisers navigate the new landscape. However, their long-term objectives are still of great importance.The first of which is the creation of cross-platform definitions for harmful content. The WFA holds brand safety and protection of the consumer in high value and were the main drivers for the project.

During his Q&A at TV Key Facts 2020, he discussed how crucial a cross-media measurement system is for advertisers looking to enhance ROIs. The WFA is piloting a project that combines brand owners, broadcasters and platform creators to increase cross-media collaboration.

For Stephan, climate change remains our generation’s greatest challenge. He expects that this will be our greatest priority post-pandemic.

Make sure to read a full interview with Stephan on the TV Key Facts website.

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