What consumer tech innovations will define the next decade by Sim Blaustein?

January 6, 2021

As CES, the event where the technology sector exhibits its latest innovations, begins virtually next week, it is pertinent to look back at last year’s CES which took place in Las Vegas. As part of 2020’s TV Key Facts Study, Sim Blaustein discusses the innovations exhibited that will impact the Total Video landscape and the trends he expects for the decade ahead.

Whilst SVOD platforms have grown significantly in recent years, he believes that AVOD streaming services will gain market share as their prices impede SVOD platforms. He also expects there to be a move away from cookie-based targeting to new models, including first-party data solutions, cooperatives and contextual-based targeting.

As for the innovations exhibited, he observed new software solutions that allow video advertisers to creatively use different formats that are delivered to audiences more efficiently. What also truly amazed everyone present were the next-gen TV screens, which underlined TV’s relevance for the foreseeable future.

If you’d like to read more, discover the full article on the TV Key Facts website.

There is tech – which will make us wonder in 5 years how we ever did our jobs before.”

© Sim Blaustein, Partner at BDMI

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