When Generations Meet…

February 4, 2020

01/31/2020, Germany, Vox

Straight to the heart: On 3 February 2020, Vox generation programme “Wir sind klein und ihr seid alt”(We’re Small and You’re Old) starts with the next season.

The special Vox generation programme “Wir sind klein und ihr seid alt”, where ten bright four-year-olds spend time with lonely elderly people every morning for six weeks, went straight to the hearts of the audience last year. There were lots of quotes and positive responses on Facebook and Twitter, and many people also said they wanted to see another series. And now the documentary series is back with new children and elderly people. Over four episodes, Vox follows the encounters between young and old every Monday starting on 3 February at 20:15, and the elderly people are hoping for one thing from it: a new purpose in life.

People are social beings. They could die of loneliness”, says 72-year-old Horst. He is one of ten elderly people taking part in the generation project, enjoying shared activities with bright nursery school children. And there’s plenty on the programme, with young and old doing creative and sporty things together. This includes working in the garden, yoga exercises and a scavenger hunt: the generation project will not only be a lot of fun but also take some of the elderly people out of their comfort zone.

The effects of the project were already clear last year. Even after a short time, the physical and emotional health of all the participants had improved. This year’s participants are also hoping for similar success – especially a positive reaction from the children. “My wish would be for the children to say: But that is my dear granny”, says 89-year-old Marlies. In order to draw conclusions about progress throughout the project at a later point in time, the elderly people will undergo medical and psychological testing with an expert team at the beginning and end of the six weeks. Child and adolescent psychotherapist Mirjam Dähling also analyses how the nursery school children develop through contact with the elderly people in terms of language, information processing and social behaviour.

The format is produced for RedSeven Entertainment, a Red Arrow Studios production company.

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