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Who Will Be France’s Next ‘Incredible Talent’?

The twelfth season of “La France a un incroyable talent” starts on M6 on Oct 30. It aims to continue the long-running success story of Fremantle’s global format in France. The season is hosted by David Ginola. The judges are Sugar Sammy, Marianne James, Hélène Ségara, and Eric Antoine, who was himself a semi-finalist in the first season.
It just keeps going from strength to strength –Fremantle’s “Got Talent” format, better known in France as “La France a un incroyable talent.” On Oct 30 at 9 p.m., the globally successful talent show begins a new season on M6 – its twelfth. An average of 3.5 million viewers per episode tuned in during the previous season. In fall 2017, the show attracted an average market share of 21 percent in its target group of female heads of household under 50, and 15 percent of the total audience. Compared to 2015, the number of viewers per episode has grown by 400,000, and the market share in the target group by four percentage points. Meanwhile, 1.3 million fans follow the format on social media.
Career Springboard for artists

Over the past 13 years, “La France a un incroyable talent” has become a career springboard for hundreds of artists, magicians, singers, musicians, poets, jugglers, comedians, and animal trainers. Many have used their two-minute slot on the big stage to become well-known, with a few going on to eventually win the show. For the upcoming season, M6 has promised to again showcase contestants competing in a wide range of disciplines.

Their fate on the show will initially be decided by the four judges Eric Antoine (a semi-finalist from the first season), Sugar Sammy, Marianne James, and Hélène Ségara. “La France a un incroyable talent” is once again hosted by David Ginola, who serves as the link between the contestants, judges, and viewers. The latter have their say when the 13 remaining finalists compete against each other in the big live show and the audience votes to determine France’s new incredible talent, who will win €100,000 and follow in the footsteps of Laura Lane, the first comedian to win “La France a un incroyable talent” in 2017.
Source: Benet Bertelsmann