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Who will unknowingly become a star?

The new entertainment programme Audition Secrète: qui deviendra une star sans le savoir? (Secret Audition: Who Will Unknowingly Become A Star?) debuts on M6 on Tuesday 24 July at 21:00.

The new programme will be presented by Eric Antoine, with special guests David Ginola, Pascal Nègre, CEO of the Six et Sept label, and Julien Creuzard, Six et Sept Managing Director.

Audition secrète (© Nicolas Gouhier/Khortege/Thomas Padilla/M6)

Record company producers believe that there are many singers in France with dormant talents, who for various reasons have never dared to reveal these talents, either because life has steered them in a different direction or because they think they are not talented enough. As these performers are reluctant to come out of the shadows, Pascal Nègre and Julien Creuzard, founders of the Six et Sept music label, have come up with a unique ploy to push them into the spotlight. Thanks to the complicity of their nearest and dearest, together with David Ginola and Éric Antoine, these performers will find themselves on stage without their knowledge!

Eric Antoine and David Ginola (©Thomas Padilla/M6)

Invited to attend the Cité du Cinéma under some false pretext (film preview, yoga course, hairdressing services, etc.), our performers, filmed by hidden cameras, will have no idea that in a few minutes they will find themselves alone in front of an audience…

After being welcomed by a member of the production team, the subterfuge will begin: each ‘candidate’ will be invited to walk down a long corridor to a small room… which is actually a box located right in the centre of the set.

When the box opens, the ‘candidates’ will be completely taken by surprise as they find themselves face to face with the audience. They must then decide whether or not to agree to sing on stage! Those who accept the challenge will unknowingly be taking part in a ‘Secret Audition’. Hidden on set, Pascal Nègre and Julien Creuzard will listen carefully to them. If our producers are unimpressed by a singer, they will stay hidden, but if they are won over, they will reveal themselves to the singer.

Audition secrète’s set (©Thomas Padilla/M6)

For the second part, Pascal Nègre and Julien Creuzard will get away from it all to a house in the country, where singers will have the chance to perform live in optimal conditions. They will be judged on a compulsory song and accompanied by top professional musicians.
At the end of this second audition, only a few performers will make it through to the final audition.

Pascal Nègre and Julien Creuzard (© Nicolas Gouhier/Thomas Padilla/M6)