Powered by RTL Group | January 2019

X-Faktor draws in the crowds

Season 8 of X-Faktor Hungary, had outstanding viewer ratings: the 13 shows had an overall 30.8 per cent share in the main target audience.

On average, over 1,087,000 people watched the show when it aired (4+ AMR). The most-watched episode was the 4th audition which aired on 27 October, with 1,386,000 viewers (4+ AMR).
The show, as usual, was the most popular among younger viewers (13-17 age group: 45.8 per cent) and women (18-49: 34.4 per cent). The show with the highest share was the 3rdaudition on 20 October, with a 38.0 per cent share in the 18-49 age group.

The new format of X-Faktor with the fast-paced live shows and the new voting system has been a great success, as ratings also show: the average number of viewers of the live shows increased by 19 per cent from last year (18-49) and the final had 29 per cent more viewers than in 2017.
In addition to the outstanding television ratings, X-Faktor also did very well online: on the RTL Most! platform there were more than 2,4 million video views for the full-length shows, the shortform videos also garnered 5,8 million views. For the first time in the 8 year history of the Hungarian X-Faktor a rap duo – USNK – was voted as the winner.

Source: Nielsen audience measurement and DKT – GemiusRating