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X-Faktor ruled over everything else

22.10.2019, Hungary, RTL Hungary

The second audition show of the 2019 season of X-Faktor has become the year’s most watched programme among both the total audience and the key demographic age group.

Last Saturday’s programme reached an audience share (SHR) of 34.6 per cent among the 18–49-year-old age group, thus gaining first place in the list of the 50 most watched programmes of the 41st week.

The show was seen by over 520 thousand people from the key demo and by over 1.2 million people from the total population. With these exceptionally high television ratings, the second audition show of 2019 has also become the most watched programme of this year among Hungarians.

The online numbers of the X-Faktor’s show also speak for themselves. By Sunday midnight, the second part of the show was reaching 118 thousand video views. As a result, the content achieved this year’s highest viewership within 24 hours on RTL Most, while the related shortform videos were generating 331 thousand views.